Our year in review, future contests and more!


With 2017 barreling in and 2016 a fading memory, we wanted to take one last look back at our year and share with our members some of the memories we have. We learned new ways to connect with you and celebrated our ten year anniversary, which coincided with our member appreciation week. We saw tremendous growth with our valued merchants and loyal members, and we finished the year strong thanks to our fantastic group of dedicated employees!


Our Facebook Christmas Contest was a great experience, and a great way to learn afacebooksantahatbout some of our members. We connected with many of you, and were able to help out some great people along the way. We want to do more things like this in the future! Lets see what some of our winners had to say.

Wow ! What a pleasant surprise, and I can only say with a grateful heart that God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! Thank you SolidTrust Pay for your prompt and efficient service, and for your heart to help everyone in need. Thank you also for the prize!
Best wishes and God Bless,
Allwyn Viegas

Thank you very much, this is a really nice Christmas gift and a really good feeling to donate something to World Vision that will help a mother and a baby in need.
Best regards, Marry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Milan Vugdragovic

We gave $500 to 5 randomly chosen members who signed up for the contest, and then we gave them $500 to purchase donation packages from World WV_MASTER_LOGO-RGBVision. With our added contribution, we were able to fully stock two medical clinics, build and properly install two latrines, and send much needed food, baby care and school supplies to communities affected by poverty and war. Click the World Vision logo if you’re able to help as well.


We Started Working With Transpay!

We made a significant decision to partner with Transpay to offer our members an option that’s cheaper than a traditional wire and faster than an ACH. We released an extensive guide with a video tutorial for this option so that everybody will be able to take advantage of this exciting new way to pay!


We Celebrated 10 Years in Business!

On June 15, 2016, SolidTrust Pay became ten years old! We celebrated with a contest similar to our Facebook contest, and had more great chances to connect with our members. This was during our Member Appreciation Week, and we’re excited to do it again this year!

SolidTrust Pay Growth in 2016solidtrustpay-growth-graph

In the last quarter of 2016, we saw an explosion of payment button requests from merchants and entrepreneurs looking to find the best payment processor for 2017. With so many merchant service requests, we saw our daily user signups double in Q4! This is why we value our merchants so much; it’s also what keeps our customer support, payments and verification staff working so hard to stay on top of it all! That being said, it’s you, our members, who we owe everything to. Thank you all!

We Rode the Bitcoin Roller-Coaster

We continued to allow users to deposit from their bitcoin wallets into their STP wallets, having their BTC converted to USD automatically and then having the option to spend, exchange or withdraw it directly into their bank accounts. We also continbitcoin-rollercoasterued to offer our payment button services to merchants who want to accept bitcoin directly on their websites. All this, in spite of the volatility of BTC towards the end of 2016, made for some pretty trying times!

We look forward to growing with the blockchain over 2017 though. Many of our members love the option to buy, exchange and withdraw bitcoin, so it’s not going anywhere any time soon!


Looking Toward the Future and 2017

Looking back, we’re nothing but happy and grateful for the year that we had. Looking into the future, we want to make sure we continue to grow as a company, but also as a community. Many of our merchants bring entire communities to our doorstep, and we would be remiss if we did not take the opportunity to join those communities, and also to build our own. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @solidtrustpay to keep up with us!

In addition to major site updates to SolidtrustPay.com, we aim to reach out and connect more with both our existing members, and the industry at large. We have more chances to win cash prizes through Facebook and social media contests planned, updates to the site that will bring you closer to your digital wallet, and a few other surprises to that will keep SolidTrust Pay on the cutting edge of the online payment processing industry, and the preferred eWallet of millions of users worldwide!

Merry Christmas (2016) and Happy New Year!


Another year comes to a close with the very merry and joyous season of Christmas! This was a big year for us at SolidTrust Pay; we made a lot of progress with our members and added a ton of incredible new features, as well as new payment and withdrawal methods and most exciting of all, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary! We’re excited and optimistic about the future and we  can’t wait to see what the new year brings us all!

However, many people’s favourite time of year, Christmas represents a busy time indeed for us in the online payments and eCommerce industry. While most people bought their gifts for others weeks ago, we still expect a major increase in online transactions after December 25th, since people will still be sending and spending money in the holiday spirit!

With that in mind, our customer support team aims to be available through most of the holidays to answer general questions and provide merchant support. Below we will list off the days that we will be unavailable on both live chat and social media; please note that you may submit a ticket at any time and we will always respond as soon as possible!

  • December 23rd

  • December 24/25 (weekend)
  • December 26th

  • December 27th

  • December 31/January 01 (weekend)
  • January 2nd

We’ll be back in full effect on January 3rd with our feasting regrets and our new year resolutions, but one more thing!

Have you entered into our contest on Facebook for your chance to win $150 this Christmas season? We’re doing a giveaway on Facebook and all you have to do is like, share, and leave your email to enter! We’ll be drawing names on December 28th, and there are 5 chances to win!

Each winner will receive a cash prize, but they will also be given the same amount of cash to donate to a cause that they feel is worthwhile, chosen from the World Vision Catalog. Sign up now for your chance to win, and follow our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute news, as well as weekly insight into the online payment processing & eCommerce industry plus more fun contests like this one!

Changes to User Agreement

We have made changes to our User Agreement. From time to time the User Agreement is updated and we wish to keep our users informed of these changes. This blog will outline a few of the changes that were made. All users are encouraged to read the full User Agreement and to be aware of ALL the changes that were made.

By continuing the use of your STPay account you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out in the User Agreement.  Please read this Agreement carefully, it is legally binding on you.

At the end of this Agreement, you will find a glossary of defined terms.  If you have any questions concerning this Agreement, please contact SolidTrust Pay through the contact information provided on the Site.

Some of the highlights from the User Agreement include some of the following but there are many more updates that you will read on the actual agreement (found here: https://www.solidtrustpay.com/documents/STPay_User_Agreement.pdf


  1. Obligations of SolidTrust Pay

This section outlines the obligations of STPay and the services we provided]. This section covers details of the e-wallet service, prepaid debit cards, accounts on our service, use of credit cards, purchase and sale of STPay dollars, etc.

  1. Rights and Obligations of Members

This section outlines the rights and obligations of you, our members.  This section is very important for you to understand what information you must provide, laws that you must abide by, the payment of fees, prohibited use of your account, and upholding the good name of SoldTrust Pay among other rights and responsibilities of you using our service as a member.

  1. Provisions Applicable Only to Business.

This section covers the requirements for our business accounts. This section is not applicable to accounts that are personal STPay accounts.  This section outlines the compliance with laws, sale of product, maintenance and services for holders of our business accounts.

  1. Provisions Applicable Only to Personal Users

This section is for our users that have personal STPay accounts.  This section will outline the individual use of your STPay account, and applicable Representations and Warranties.

  1. Term and Termination

This section outlines how and when the terms become in effect on a user’s account and the reasons for termination and the procedure concerning said termination.

  1. Confidential Information

For  the  purposes  of  this  Agreement,  “Confidential Information”  means  all  proprietary,  secret  or  confidential  information  or  data relating  to  SolidTrust  Pay  and  any  of  its  Affiliates,  operations, employees, independent   sales   organizations,   agents,   products   or   services,   clients, customers  or potential  customers,  Members,  users  or  merchants.

  1. Limitation Of Liability

This section covers the no warranties policy, the limitations of liability, STPay offset rights and force majeure policy.

  1. General

This section outlines some very important sections on notices, changes to Agreements, dormant accounts, missing members, enforcement, governing law and this agreement as a whole.

  1. Interpretation

This section outlines the general definition of certain terms/words that are used throughout the Agreement and our site. This is a bit of a glossary of terms to define and explain the meaning of what is stated.


The continued use of your STPay account after this notification is the acknowledgement and agreement to of the changes made to our User Agreement.  Read the full agreement which is available on our website at all times using the link that was provided above.


Visit our Help Centre for answers to your questions!


Becoming a SolidTrust Pay Merchant

Does your business need a fast and reliable way to accept online transactions from customers? SolidTrust Pay has eWallet business solutions for you!

SolidTrust Pay welcomes new online merchants who are interested in using our services. We offer a number of tools to facilitate online business, including payment buttons (which allow other SolidTrust Pay members to make purchases directly through a merchant’s website), as well as direct credit card purchases for customers who do not have SolidTrust Pay accounts.


SolidTrust Pay has all the tools, help you need to get started quickly, and integration with solidtrustpay.com is incredibly simple. Add a snippet of code to your website in the customer purchase area and you’re done! Clients are redirected to our secure checkout page – their transaction is completed in seconds. If you have an SSL secured website, you may choose our non-redirect “invisible API” option, giving your customers a seamless purchasing experience.

Because online accountability and safety is our business, we verify all of our SolidTrust Pay merchants to maximize their account and create a secure experience. All we require is the following:

  • Your business model: an overall explanation of the business you have.
  • Website URL: the address of your business website.  We do not allow merchants to operate through social networking sites, instant messaging applications, forums, or other media.
  • Company documentation: any corporate papers (for example, certificate of incorporation or other business registration documents), business registration number, or EIN (employer identification number).
  • The name of your company

It’s simple. It’s functional. It’s trusted. For more information please see our Support Centre or contact us directly.

SolidTrust Pay, where your business matters.