A New Deposit Method for your SolidTrust Pay Account!

Weary of putting your credit card information on the internet? Tired of paying a percentage fee for large deposits? Looking for the safest and most reliable method for transferring or spending money online?
Introducing MegaTransfer and SolidTrust Pay
SolidTrust Pay is excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with MegaTransfer to provide a new deposit method with an incredibly low fee! Using the MegaTransfer Bank Wire option, you can now deposit up to $10,000 for a flat rate of $20. We expect this option to be helpful to our merchants and business account holders who run their companies through their STPay accounts, for our web-based professionals who use their accounts to invest and earn online, and forour everyday users who just want to fund their STPay wallet to go shopping!

Please note that this deposit method is not available to users inside the USA, Iran or North Korea. Also note that the following deposit limits apply:

ACTIVE: $1000




For those who are planning to try out this option but aren’t quite sure how, you’re in luck! Below we will detail exactly how to go about making a MegaTransfer Bank Wire deposit, with graphics to help.


  • Sign into your account and go to My Money –> Deposit Funds.

SolidTrust Pay MegaTransfer step 1


  • Choose the “Bank” deposit option.

Deposit Money area SolidTrust Pay MegaTransfer Step 2


  • Choose your currency and transaction amount.
  • One you have chosen these, the option for Wire Payment via MegaTransfer will appear.
  • NOTE: If you are trying to deposit in a currency that is unsupported, or from an account that is within the US, Iran or North Korea, you will not have the option to use this deposit method.

Choose MegaTransfer Bank Wire option SolidTrust Pay step 3


  • Confirm your transaction.

Please confirm transaction MegaTransfer SolidTrust Pay step 4


  • Confirm again that your transaction is correct.
  • Enter your name and email address.

MegaTransfer SolidTrust Pay Gateway Step 5


  • Click “Proceed” and you’re done!

MegaTransfer SolidTrust Pay Step 6 click proceed

Please allow one to three (1 – 3) business days for your funds to appear in your account (depending on your bank’s transaction time-frames — the fund will appear in your account as soon as we receive them).

If you have any other questions about our new deposit method or MegaTransfer and SolidTrust Pay’s partnership, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Social Media via our Facebook or Twitter page, and please contact our customer support team via live chat or ticket for any payment, deposit or account-related issues!



Have You Acted After the Biggest Hack Ever?

Last week, the tech company Yahoo confirmed that more than 500 million user accounts were hacked in 2014; one of the biggest data breaches ever.

Real names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, security questions, and passwords were all compromised, so not only is your Yahoo e-mail account at risk, so is any other account where you reused usernames or passwords.

One estimate from the Security Research department at the University of Cambridge puts password reuse as high as 49%. That means when a hacker scores a password they can use the same password to gain access to other accounts about half the time.

A more extreme survey conducted by mobile-identity company TeleSign showed that nearly 75% of folks use the same passwords and many haven’t changed their passwords in five years or more. Nearly a quarter of people still use passwords that are more than 10 years old. That’s a lot of time to have a password hacked.

And once hackers have a single password, they can potentially use that one account to obtain access to many more of your e-mail accounts, social media accounts, or even your banking and financial details.

You could also see an increase in “phishing e-mails” that try to get you to click on a link that asks for personal information, credit-card numbers, or to log in before viewing a document.

Here’s a few things that you can do to make sure you stay safe:

Close old accounts. One problem with the Yahoo hack is that it took more than two years for the company to discover that it had been hacked. And it’s only notifying you that your personal information was leaked if you log in to your account.

If your Yahoo account was an old one that you no longer regularly use, you may not even realize that there was a breach – or that any accounts for which you used the same password are now at risk.

Change your passwords, and use better ones. The longer your password, the more you increase your security. A six-word password phrase would take 3,505 years to crack (at 1 trillion guesses per second).

Use “two-factor authentication.” Two-factor authentication requires your password plus another piece of information – like a code sent to your e-mail or mobile device associated with your account – to log in to a website. I love using this feature.

Many companies – including Google, Apple, Microsoft, and password-managing service LastPass – give you the option of using two-factor authentication, as do many banks, brokerages, and credit-card companies. SolidTrust Pay has had its secondary password feature, a form of 2FA, for over 10 years (before anyone else even thought of it)!

Create your own security question. Many websites ask extra “security questions” when you register. Like your first pet’s name, the color of your first car, or your mother’s maiden name. If you ever forget your password, the site can use these questions to verify your identity.

Here’s the problem: Instead of protecting your personal account information, they may be doing the exact opposite. The easier a question is to remember, the easier it is for a hacker to guess…

STPay always requires you to create your own question, something that needs a detailed answer that someone can’t find online. Or if you can’t do that, give unrelated answers.

For example, if the question is “What was the color of your first car,” answer with something like “campingmelon” or – even more secure – a random sequence of letters, numbers, and symbols.

If you’re not able to remember the answers, you can write them down (just keep the paper secure) or use a password manager like LastPass or similar company.

YOUR ACCOUNT ACCESS IS ULTIMATELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and the Yahoo hack drives that home for everyone.

New Withdraw Method: Transpay Wire

We’re excited to announce a brand new wire withdraw method for you, one that’s cheaper than a traditional wire and faster than an ACH, Transpay Wire!

Click below for a step by step video walk-through of how to use this brand new feature or keep reading for a more detailed written explanation.

We’re working with our friends from Transpay to provide you with a wire withdrawal option that is cheaper and faster. You also do not need to be bank verified, as long as you’re Standard Verified you can use it!

Account Home Page

To use the new Transpay option, go to the withdrawal page using the ‘my money’ menu.

Accoutn Home page.png

My Bank

From there click on ‘My Bank’. First thing to do is select the currency that is going to be withdrawn from your STP balance.


As of right now Transpay withdrawals are available only in USD or Euro. Later that withdrawal can be converted to almost any currency at the receiving location.

Transaction Selections

Choose Transpay withdrawal, you’ll notice the currencies available are noted beside the option. You can also see that it has a lower fee than SWIFT Bank wire and a faster processing time than the ACH withdrawal.



Next enter the following details for your transaction:

  • Country
  • State/Province
  • City


Payment mode is where you’ll choose your bank deposit. Select what currency you want to receive the funds in then select your destination bank and fill out the details.


Enter the account number and your routing/transit number. These can be acquired from your bank and for many bank accounts can be found on your check.

Check Sample



Fill those in and select the ‘available provider’. The options available will depend on what country you are in and you will receive a notice about what the exchange rate will be.



Complete your transaction by entering your secondary password and you’re done!

We really hope you enjoy using our new withdraw method and that it makes your STP experience better!