The Past Year in Bitcoin was Incredible

Another day, May 11, 2017, and Bitcoin has climbed another $100. Since late December of 2016, Bitcoin has been increasing in value rapidly. The value increase correlates with higher frequency of trading and increased public adoption. Bitcoin is setting records daily, and seems to be on track for widespread use as more online merchants and real-world locations begin to accept the digital currency.

Bitcoin quadruples over 1 year, May 2017

Bitcoin has nearly quadrupled over the past year, as of May 2017.

It’s incredible to think that Bitcoin was worth less than $500 in May of 2016, and has climbed to over $1800 at the time of this publication. With three major ups and downs during that time, Bitcoin has shown strong resilience in rebounding, and appears to be on its strongest run yet. Lets talk about those three previous runs.

As CNBC reported around June 2016, there are three main reasons for the activity in
June 2016 bitcoin price fallBitcoin around that time:


While Bitfinex, a major Bitcoin exchange in 2016, suffered with server issues and eventually being hacked for over $72M worth of Bitcoin, traders and believers in the digital currency had to contend with the influence of the Chinese Yuan as well as the uncertainty around whether or not a Brexit would happen. These are the three most influential factors in the action we see around June 2016 regarding the value of Bitcoin.
Bitcoin price fall January 2017 reasonsThe next hiccup faced by Bitcoin enthusiasts came in January 2017, after briefly rising to near all-time-high prices during its most impressive run since 2013. On January 5th, the average price of a Bitcoin across most trading platforms sharply fell around $200. This specific price drop was speculated to be linked to rumors of increased regulation on the digital currency by the Central Bank of China, and the free fall continued for a full week.

Bitcoin volatility in march 2017The final hurdle in our incredible story of Bitcoin over the past year is still fresh in the memory of many Bitcoin traders and enthusiasts. After hitting record highs, and even surpassing the price of gold for the first time ever, an unfavorable decision by the SEC regarding the eligibility of  a Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust to be traded on the stock exchange put the entire future of Bitcoin at risk. But this is not what caused the rapid loss in value of nearly $300 in just 3 days. The cause of this most recent hurdle comes from within the Bitcoin community itself (along with more rumors of Chinese regulations), as Bitcoin miners and thought-leaders debate over complicated software and tech issues.

At the time of this writing, we have yet to experience the next big roadblock in the blockchain-based digital currency’s journey to widespread adoption, as Bitcoin continues to soar at truly astonishing rates.

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Bitcoin volatility creates trading opportunities

Bitcoin Price May 5 volatility creates opportunity

Yesterday, May 4th, Coindesk reported that Bitcoin had broken the $1500 mark for the first time, only to follow that report up near the end of the day with a new report, that Bitcoin had taken a sudden $100 nosedive.

Bitcoin 100 dollar nosedive May 4

Fast forward to today, May 5th, and we’re all the way back up in the high $1500’s at the time of writing this article. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Bitcoin isn’t going to drop off the map again the way it did after it’s first big rally at the end of 2013.

Not only is the value of Bitcoin rising to comfortably surpass the value of gold, but the frequency with which it is being trading is also seeing a significant increase. NewsBTC said yesterday that trading platforms are reporting surges, and more exposure in media is leading to more adoption in the mainstream, which is expected to continue to drive demand for the cryptocurrency up, as well as its value.


While trading can be a way to be earn small gains at a time, many die-hard believers in the blockchain technology are happy to collect and save the coins for what they’re sure is going to be a very dramatic value increase with widespread adoption.

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10 Tried and Tested Techniques for Earning Money Online

Today we’re talking about 10 different ways that you can earn money online.

It’s no secret that there are legitimate methods for earning money online mixed in with the many scams and misleading opportunities. While the internet has reshaped the way we view finance and commerce, as well as virtually everything else in our society, countless niches have sprung up which can provide anything from a passive income to a full-time career.

You can build a brand or start a media company using just social media; you can use various freelancing platforms to promote your technical skills and find employers willing to pay you for projects or micro-tasks; you can use your personal social media accounts to advertise for brands and take a small check, or click on ads for companies to make similar wages; and once you’ve amassed your internet fortune, you can invest it in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether or in revenue sharing programs to make more money off the money you made!

Of course, sorting through the nonsense to hit pay dirt can be one of the most difficult and frustrating tasks you ever encounter online. Luckily you found this list!

10 tried and tested techniques for making money online

Below are 10 tried and tested techniques for earning money online:


The term “freelancing” can refer to many different things. If you have any technical ability at all somebody will pay you to do small tasks online. Below we will list some of the best places to start freelancing, but first you need to create a portfolio showing off your personality and the type of work you do!

  • Fiverr — where, as the name suggests, you do small tasks for people that are worth around $5. The best part about Fiverr is that you get to offer whatever services you’re good at. It’s a perfect place to start.
  • Upwork — a more professional type of freelancing site, on Upwork you will create a portfolio and then bid on projects. In this more competitive atmosphere, you’ll want to get some experience under your belt first.
  • Freelancer — Freelancer is similar to Upwork, where you will create a portfolio and then bid on jobs. Once you’re familiar with Upwork, set yourself up on Freelancer to add more range to your bidding capabilities (you only get to bid on a certain number of jobs per month on each site).

There are countless other freelancing sites and specified job boards. If you want a closer look, check out these 25 top sites for finding the freelance jobs you want by Skillcrush.


If you love to write or take pictures, you can cash in on your passion by writing a blog! A blog can be about anything you want. If you like to cook, start blogging about your favourite recipes and take pictures of your best meals; if you like to travel, make sure you take lots of pictures and use your blog to document your experiences; if you like politics, start opinion blogging on the most popular topics as they happen!

After you start getting regular views on your blog (use social media for exposure) you can set up a Google AdSense account and start monetizing your blog with ads that are relevant to the topics you most often talk about.

If you don’t know where to even begin, check out this step-by-step guide on how to start a blog in 20 minutes.


Online shopping is the new way to get anything and everything for many people, and it’s only growing. The best part is that it’s so easy to get started in eCommerce with all the established platforms out there, and you don’t even need your own inventory to get started (you can become a reseller for your favourite brands). You can start selling on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Facebook, and countless other places.

To get you started, here is an incredibly exhaustive guide to starting an online store.


The thing about online stores and blogs is that they need traffic in order to make money. If you can build a social media account such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook in a specific niche like travel or gaming, you can monetize your page by charging bloggers and eCommerce managers to reach your audience.

You can also consider this a first step to building a blog or an online store, since you will benefit from having your own audience to speak or sell to right off the bat!


Apps are everywhere. If you have the skills to work as a developer, you should consider making your own app on the side! While you may notice that many apps are free in the app stores, you would have also noticed that they run ads!

Even if you don’t know how to build an app but you have an idea for one that would provide real value or entertainment to people in their daily lives, reach out to an app developer and work together to bring your idea to life!

If you’re more technically minded but low on funds, you should definitely check out Ethereum Project, the blockchain app platform.


Similar to freelancing, many opportunities exist to build up a small fortune by doing micro-tasks for employers and businesses. These tasks usually include things like data entry, internet research, commenting on forums, leaving reviews for companies, answering surveys or clicking on ads.

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YouTube is a gigantic video and streaming platform for businesses, vloggers, politics, and basically anything else you can think of. If you can establish an audience who watches and enjoys your content on YouTube, you will make money not only from the ads that run on your videos, but from being able to reach and influence a large audience which earns you sponsors who will pay you just to shout out their brand.

Additionally, there are video/streaming platforms for various niches, such as Twitch for gaming and Vimeo for high quality 4k videos, which can help build you a following of supporters for whatever it is that you’re doing!


Earning bitcoin online is a lot easier than most people think — it is the currency of the internet, after all. Aside from mining, the traditional way to earn bitcoin, you can do the same types of micro tasks above, including any level of freelancing (there are specific sites for freelancers who want to earn bitcoins).

There are a tonne of other ways you can get your hands on some of the valuable cryptocurrency, check out our comprehensive guide to earning bitcoin online!


Online trading is exactly the same as real-world trading: risky and rewarding. There are a few main sites that have popped up for online stock trades over the last few years, but cryptocurrency trading has also been gaining major traction recently. High volatility in the bitcoin and ether prices and an ever increasing trade volume means that there are plenty of profits to be made daily in the cryptocurrency market.

If you want to get started trading in cryptocurrency, we recommend this excellent guide for doing just that by Hacked.


After you’ve built your understanding of how making money online works you’ll be in a much better position to know how and where to invest your money. Trading aside, many people are investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and virtual fortunes have been made by those who were early enough to get in while Bitcoin was cheap.

Additionally there are programs that work on sharing revenues with investors from a specific business model, which we suggest that you research and fully understand for yourself before getting involved with. Start with this honest review of a few RevShare sites.

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