How to set up 2FA for laptop or desktop (Authy)


Knowledge Base Guide:
Two-factor Authentication via the Authy Desktop Application

What is two-factor authentication?
2FA is defined by Authy as having something you know paired with something you have. For example, you likely have a bank card, and in order to use your bank card, you must have a correct PIN when completing transactions. The bank card is something you have and the PIN is something you know. Together, the card and PIN makes for a great two-factor authentication system, which in return protects your money. Authy is used in the same way when you want to use an exchanger or do a Bitcoin withdrawal. Your electronic device is the object you have and the 2FA password is something you know.

Why should I use Authy?
Authy is an alternative way to setup the two-factor authentication. It is commonly a choice for users who cannot or do not want to install a 2FA application on a mobile device.

What is required in order to use Authy?
• A mobile phone/device that is capable of receiving text messages

• A personal computer or tablet

• Google Chrome as the default browser

• A SolidTrust Pay account

How do I install Authy?

1. You can start the Authy download by going to
it is important that you are using Google Chrome to setup Authy; no other browsers will work.

2. The option for desktop will be the second white box, as shown below:

3. Select ‘Get it on Google Play

4. Once the button has been selected, a page will pop-up. It looks like this:

5. Select ‘Add to Chrome’, located in the upper right-hand corner:

6. Select ‘Add app’ when prompted:

7. The page should change and will show that Authy has now been added to your Apps in Google Chrome:

8. Follow the on-screen prompts when you click on the application. Authy support can be found at if you are having issues with the application itself.

How to enable the 2FA on your SolidTrust Pay account

1. After Authy has been installed, login to your SolidTrust Pay account and go to ‘Security Zone > Two-Factor Auth Settings’:

2fa auth settings


2. Once on the next page, please read all of the information. You can ignore what is inside of the red box (see below) since this information is for 2FA on a smartphone. Once you have reviewed the entire page, select ‘Start Two-Factor Authentication Setup’:

2fa 3


3. Select ‘Send SMS Confirmation Code’. If you are not receiving the text message, please contact Customer Support at

2fa auth 2



4. Enter the number provided in the text message you received. After, you will then select ‘Enable Two-Factor Auth’:

5. The next page will have the manual setup code (see Figure 1). You will then copy the manual setup code into Authy (see Figure 2).

Figure 1 – Locating the manual setup code.


Figure 2 – A view of a manual setup code in Authy. Select ‘Add Account’ after entering the manual setup code.


6. After the account has been added, choose a logo and provide a name for the account in Authy (see Figure 3). After, select ‘Done’ to close the box. Another box will pop up (see Figure 4) with the account you have added. Select the account and the 2FA password will appear (see Figure 5).

Figure 3 – Selecting a logo and naming the account

Figure 4 – Close the box once your account has been added

(Figure 5, below)

Figure 5 – A new box appears after closing the previous box. Select the account and the 2FA password will appear. Copy and paste this where the 2FA password is required.
*Reminder: the 2FA password changes every 30 seconds. Insert the 2FA password in time after you have copied it or it will not work!

A New Deposit Method for your SolidTrust Pay Account!

Weary of putting your credit card information on the internet? Tired of paying a percentage fee for large deposits? Looking for the safest and most reliable method for transferring or spending money online?
Introducing MegaTransfer and SolidTrust Pay
SolidTrust Pay is excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with MegaTransfer to provide a new deposit method with an incredibly low fee! Using the MegaTransfer Bank Wire option, you can now deposit up to $10,000 for a flat rate of $20. We expect this option to be helpful to our merchants and business account holders who run their companies through their STPay accounts, for our web-based professionals who use their accounts to invest and earn online, and forour everyday users who just want to fund their STPay wallet to go shopping!

Please note that this deposit method is not available to users inside the USA, Iran or North Korea. Also note that the following deposit limits apply:

ACTIVE: $1000




For those who are planning to try out this option but aren’t quite sure how, you’re in luck! Below we will detail exactly how to go about making a MegaTransfer Bank Wire deposit, with graphics to help.


  • Sign into your account and go to My Money –> Deposit Funds.

SolidTrust Pay MegaTransfer step 1


  • Choose the “Bank” deposit option.

Deposit Money area SolidTrust Pay MegaTransfer Step 2


  • Choose your currency and transaction amount.
  • One you have chosen these, the option for Wire Payment via MegaTransfer will appear.
  • NOTE: If you are trying to deposit in a currency that is unsupported, or from an account that is within the US, Iran or North Korea, you will not have the option to use this deposit method.

Choose MegaTransfer Bank Wire option SolidTrust Pay step 3


  • Confirm your transaction.

Please confirm transaction MegaTransfer SolidTrust Pay step 4


  • Confirm again that your transaction is correct.
  • Enter your name and email address.

MegaTransfer SolidTrust Pay Gateway Step 5


  • Click “Proceed” and you’re done!

MegaTransfer SolidTrust Pay Step 6 click proceed

Please allow one to three (1 – 3) business days for your funds to appear in your account (depending on your bank’s transaction time-frames — the fund will appear in your account as soon as we receive them).

If you have any other questions about our new deposit method or MegaTransfer and SolidTrust Pay’s partnership, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Social Media via our Facebook or Twitter page, and please contact our customer support team via live chat or ticket for any payment, deposit or account-related issues!



How to use BTC with SolidTrust Pay


For those who don’t know what bitcoin is, this excellent and highly simplified analogy from coindesk should answer every question you have about it — except how to actually get your hands on some! No worries, we’re going to tell you how you can easily buy bitcoin, exchange bitcoin to USD, withdraw bitcoin to your bank, or accept it as a merchant with seamless exchanges directly into your SolidTrust Pay account!

Buying Bitcoin with SolidTrust Pay

Once you’ve set up an account and a bitcoin wallet, buying bitcoin with SolidTrust Pay is fast, easy, and highly secure. We’ve been around for over 10 years, and our dedicated support staff is always ready to lend a helping hand with any transaction or account issues, as well as to clarify anything you don’t quite understand. In order to buy bitcoin with a SolidTrust Pay account, simply follow these steps:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Verify your account to the Standard Verified level.
  3. Set up two-factor authentication using your mobile device or desktop/laptop.
  4. Create a bitcoin wallet of your choice and connect it to your STP account.
  5. Deposit the amount you want to spend on bitcoin into your account via Bank, Credit Card, or transfer from another user.
  6. Go to the My Money –> Withdraw Funds section of your account and choose the Bitcoin option.
  7. Withdraw your desired amount and wait up to 24 hours for it to appear in your bitcoin wallet.

Steps 1 – 4 will only need to be completed once, of course, and then you will be able to easily buy bitcoin with steps 5 – 7. Once your account is Standard Verified and connected to a wallet, you may withdraw up to $2500 per 24 hours from your STP account to your BTC wallet (the Bank Verified limit is $5000 per 24 hours).

Selling Bitcoin with SolidTrust Pay

Selling bitcoin is even easier with SolidTrust Pay than buying it! You only need to have your account Card Verified in order to deposit up to $250 (automatically converted to USD) from your bitcoin wallet to your SolidTrust Pay account per 24 hours. This will allow you to spend or transfer your funds online as you see fit, or make a withdrawal to your credit card in USD. The deposit limit for a Standard Verified Account is $500 per 24 hours, and Bank Verified accounts are limited to $1000 per 24 hours.

Getting Bitcoin from your Wallet to your Bank

One of the biggest challenges people often have is how to withdraw bitcoin from your wallet to your bank. Using the same steps above to connect your wallet to your SolidTrust Pay account, you simply need to go a step further and connect your Bank account to your SolidTrust Pay account. From here, all you need to do is go to the My Money –> Deposit Funds area of your account and choose the Bitcoin option (bitcoin will be automatically converted into USD). Your funds may take up to 24 hours to appear in your account, at which time you will have the option to withdraw them directly into your bank.

Accepting Bitcoin as an Online Merchant

As an online merchant, likely chest-deep in all the responsibilities that come with running a business online, it can be hard to predict and adapt to trends in the market that aren’t currently affecting your business. Luckily, adding the bitcoin option to your SolidTrust Pay button will give your customers the option to pay with bitcoin, which is then automatically converted into USD and placed in your merchant account — no bitcoin wallet required!

How to Sign Up for a SolidTrust Pay Account

Sometimes setting up an account for the first time can be a bit confusing or you might be wondering why all this information is required to make an account.  We hope that this blog entry will help smooth out the sign up process and answer any questions you might have about creating your STPay account.  At the end of this blog there is also a Video that shows you the sign up process for those of you that enjoy watching How To videos! 🙂

To Start you will want to go to our website:

landingpage sign up   click the orange Sign Up button


The first page you are taken to is for your to select your Account Type.

Select Account type:

Personal—for use of online shopping and internet program participation. Sending funds to family and friends.  General account use.
Business—for those members that have a product or service they wish to sell online.


Next page in sign up process

signup page.png

profile details—Your information:

Your first and last name  (Given name and Surname)

Date of Birth –why is this important to have correct?  You must be over 18 to use STPay without parental permission. If you wish to verify your STPay account then we need to have your accurate DOB to be sure you are who you say you are.  Lastly, security reasons, hopefully a hacker would not know your actual date of birth if they happen to gain access to your information.

Occupation— This is a requirement we must fulfill as mandated by government

Legal Citizenship— required information mandated by government

Country of Residence–some countries are restricted from using STPay due to international economic sanctions.  You must select the country prior to being able to enter your state/province/territory that will auto populate in the next section’s drop down menu

Province/State–This section is auto populated once country is selected from section above. For USA users this is important-due to state specific legislation, some states are unable to use STPay currently.  For other users if your state/province/region/territory isn’t listed or is incorrectly listed please choose the one that is most applicable to your correct address.

City–Enter the name of your city, town, or village

Postal Code/Zip— Enter this if your address includes this type of code

Address Line 1— This is for the actual address of where you live, your residence.          This is where you would enter your house number, apartment number street name Example: 1 Main Street apartment 2b.

Address Line 2— This is for any PO Box, RR#, etc for where you might receive your mail if different from your residential address.

Daytime Phone number— Please enter the number you wish to be used for any contact reason. The primary phone number you use. This could be your cellphone number. Formatting for phone numbers should include your country code then the phone number, No Spaces, No dashes-, No +, No 00.  Example 18771234567

Cell Phone number— this can be the same number as your daytime contact number if you wish.  If you have a second number you wish to be included for contact reasons you may include it here.


security settings— information to create your STPay account

Select a Username— this is how you wish to be known as in STPay.  All transactions are performed under this name.  Your username serves to identify your account in any situation where a merchant or other member is sending funds to you.  This username can have a maximum of 16 characters and may be a combination of letters & numbers.

Please DO NOT include any spaces, punctuation marks, symbols, no email addresses. Please note that SolidTrust Pay usernames are case-sensitive. Therefore, you must remember if you enter your username using uppercase or lowercase or a combination of. (Myname1 v.s. MyName1)  Usernames also may not consist of a string of digits. Example: 3756371 is not an acceptable username.  Example username: SusanSmith is a good username


Email address–this is required to complete your account set up, how we are able to contact you if required, and security to be sure that someone else isn’t trying to set up an account using your email address.

Confirm Email address— this is required to be sure you haven’t made a typo when entering your email address above

Select Login Password— This the password you use to enter your STPay account. Formatting of the password is specific but this is for security reasons as we wish for you to create a very secure login password so that hackers have a difficult time trying to gain access to your account. Password must include at least:

  • one number • one uppercase letter • one lowercase letter • one punctuation mark

Confirm Login Password— this is required so that you can ensure you typed the password in correctly


Select Secondary Password–this password is required. It is the password that is used when you go to move money into or out of your STPay account.  It is also required to make certain changes to your account information/security settings.  This is a Non-Retrievable password which makes this secure from hackers just requesting a new password to an email address like you are able to do with the login password.  You must remember this password. Please make this different from your login password for best security practice. Like your LOGIN password, this must include at least:
• one number • one uppercase letter • one lowercase letter • one punctuation mark

Confirm Secondary Password–to be sure no typos are made when you entered the password above.


Secret Question–this section is required for security reasons.  If a hacker is able to gain access to your STPay account they should not know what your secret question and answer are.  This is a requirement on most sites where you create an account that might have sensitive information or monetary funds. Please do not make the question something that a hacker might have access to such as what is my username. Good Examples: What is my mother’s maiden name  or What was the color of my first car  or What is my favorite candy bar.

Secret Answer— this is the answer to the above question.  Please note how your type in the answer is important. The answer is Case Sensitive just like a password.  Therefore, if your answer to favorite candy bar is KitKat please take note of how you typed;  KitKat v.s. kitkat or Kit Kat.  The answer must be entered EXACTLY.

Spam Block Question–this section is required to prove you are a human and not a computer program creating multiple fake accounts to STPay.  If you are not seeing a question in the field box then this could be due to an internet browser issue.  We do suggest that you use Mozilla Firefox (this works best with our site) or Chrome if you are signing up using a PC(desktop/laptop) or Android device.  If you are using a Mac or iMobile device we suggest Safari.   The browser Internet Explorer does not work well with our site.


Click the box next to YES I have agreed to the Terms and Conditions prior to signing up  (Please actually read this document as it does contain very vital information regarding STPay accounts, usage policies, etc.)

Yes Sign Up.png


Now Click the green SIGNUP button.


Congrats sign up page.png

In a few moments you should receive an email to the email address you entered for the account.  Please check your email inbox, spam/trash, other folders for the registration confirmation email as it does not always arrive to the inbox folder.

Click on the confirmation link in the email and sign in to your newly created STPay account!

(If you do not click this link within a 24 hour period after creating the account the confirmation link will expire or if you do not see the email in your email account after checking all folders, you will need to contact our Customer Support Staff at )


Here is a great video on how to accomplish creating your account!!  🙂