SPOTLIGHT: STPay Beneficiary Form

Too often e-wallets and online investments are overlooked when estate planning, leaving family members with a potentially lengthy process of transferring account ownership after a loved one passes away. In an effort to help ease the process for those family members tending to the estates of deceased clients, SolidTrust Pay has created a Beneficiary program.

By completing the STPay Beneficiary Form, available on our site, members are free to designate the beneficiaries of their choice in the event that the member passes away with a balance in his or her STPay account. The designated friends or family members can then contact STPay and request the release of funds to the named beneficiary by providing his or her identification and a copy of the account owner’s death certificate.

The form can be found here . Simply print and complete the form and return it to beneficiary(at) to name a beneficiary for your account.  We invite all members to complete the beneficiary form at their convenience.