Announcing Our Member Relief Funds

In an effort to serve our clients during periods of personal difficulties, SolidTrust Pay has introduced the SolidTrust Pay Family Tragedy Fund.  The SolidTrust Pay Family Tragedy Fund is designed to assist members who are experiencing undue hardship resulting from:  medical issues, emergency travel costs or family related tragedy.

SolidTrust Pay will continue to provide aid to our members via the SolidTrust Member Assistance Fund.  The Member Assistance Fund is dedicated to helping our members in the event of natural disaster or similar catastrophic events.

If you are an STPay member aware of another member who is currently in need of one of these services, please contact us via email at [email protected] with details outlining the user’s situation.  You may be contacted by a representative of our staff to provide additional information.  All applicants are reviewed on a case by case basis by members of our management and staff.  Members are invited and encouraged to donate to the Family Tragedy Fund or the Member Assistance Fund via a member to member transfer to the user name STP_Relief_Funds.

For a list of other organizations SolidTrust Pay is committed to supporting, please visit