The STPay TrustCard is a revolutionary new idea designed to eliminate credit card and bank account fraud!
With identity theft and credit/bank fraud on the rise around the world, SolidTrust has created their own unique anti-identity/bank account/credit card theft product exclusive to SolidTrust!
SolidTrust has created this system to eliminate the risk of fraud of this type.
The Trust Card is an actual card imprinted with three codes unique for each member. The three codes are :
* ID code ( Asked for when contacting our support department)
* Payments code ( Required when doing any credit card or bank transaction )
* Secure code ( Allows you to change your email address or profile address from your back office at anytime!)

There is absolutely NO personal information on the card or anything that identifies your account, so if ever lost or stolen, it is useless to the finder.

Purchase of a TrustCard is highly recommended for members wishing to use their bank account and credit/debit cards as these types of transactions are the most prone to on and offline theft and abuse!

PROTECT YOURSELF with the STPay TrustCard.

To order your TrustCard:

while logged into your account at http://www.solidtrustpay.com
– Go to your “Security Zone”
– Click on “Apply for TrustCard”
– Follow the steps
It’s Just That Easy !

PROTECT YOURSELF with the TrustCard Today, Exclusively from SolidTrust Pay!