Becoming a SolidTrust Pay Merchant

Does your business need a fast and reliable way to accept online transactions from customers? SolidTrust Pay has eWallet business solutions for you!

SolidTrust Pay welcomes new online merchants who are interested in using our services. We offer a number of tools to facilitate online business, including payment buttons (which allow other SolidTrust Pay members to make purchases directly through a merchant’s website), as well as direct credit card purchases for customers who do not have SolidTrust Pay accounts.

SolidTrust Pay has all the tools, help you need to get started quickly, and integration with is incredibly simple. Add a snippet of code to your website in the customer purchase area and you’re done! Clients are redirected to our secure checkout page – their transaction is completed in seconds. If you have an SSL secured website, you may choose our non-redirect “invisible API” option, giving your customers a seamless purchasing experience.

Because online accountability and safety is our business, we verify all of our SolidTrust Pay merchants to maximize their account and create a secure experience. All we require is the following:

  • Your business model: an overall explanation of the business you have.
  • Website URL: the address of your business website.  We do not allow merchants to operate through social networking sites, instant messaging applications, forums, or other media.
  • Company documentation: any corporate papers (for example, certificate of incorporation or other business registration documents), business registration number, or EIN (employer identification number).
  • The name of your company

It’s simple. It’s functional. It’s trusted. For more information please see our Support Centre or contact us directly.

SolidTrust Pay, where your business matters.