SolidTrust Pay Verified Exchangers

Looking at using an E-Currency Exchanger to transfer funds in or out of SoildTrust Pay? To keep your account and money safe, we require all E-Currency Exchangers to be pre-approved by us before they can do business.

Here is an up-to-date list of SolidTrust Pay approved and Verified Exchangers who are ready to assist you with exchanges from STPay to other E-Currencies:
Magnetic Exchange

For your safety, never exchange funds with an unknown individual or company who has not been pre-approved by SolidTrust Pay. If you are offered the services of an exchanger who does not appear on the list above, please contact our Customer Support Staff and we will be happy to confirm if they have been approved to operate as a Verified Exchanger.

Please note: US citizens are not eligible to use Verified Exchangers/or send e-currency exchanges via their STPay account.

For further information on using Exchangers, please read this article on Exchanging E-Currencies Safely.

SolidTrust Pay is always here to help!