How to Add A Credit or Debit Card

You have an STPay account but now you wish to place funds into your STPay account using your Visa, MasterCard or Maestro Card.

This blog post will provide you with the steps on how to Add your card and then you can view our other blog post on how to have this newly added card Verified.

At the end of this blog there is also a Video that shows you the Adding a card process for those of you that enjoy watching How To videos! 🙂

To begin, login to your STPay account.  Then go to the heading My Banks & Cards  then select Add New Debit or Credit Card.

Add New Card


On the next page that will appear you will enter your card information.

  • Name on the card should be your name as you are the card holder. If this card is in the name of your spouse, partner, mother, etc. you will not be able to use their card on your STPay account.
  • You skip the next section unless you are adding one of our STPay Debit cards, such as our STPay INTL PaySpark MasterCard, that you have purchases from us.
  • Select your card type: Visa, MasterCard or Maestro
  • Enter your card number (please double check that you type number correctly)
  • Enter the valid expiry date (month/year)

Then click the green Add A Card button

add card page

You should now be redirected to your account page where you will see this message “Your card has been added successfully. It is ready to use.” and you will also get an email regarding that your card is added.  Please note that the email might state that your card is verified on your account.  This isn’t exactly true.  Your card is added and you may attempt a deposit with the card but it doesn’t become fully Verified and Active on your STPay account until you make a first successful deposit.

success card.png


Now if you go to the My Banks & Cards heading again and View Credit & Debit Cards you will see that your card is listed as Not Verified and some instructions on how to verify the card using the Micro Verify process.

Not Verified.png

Please read this next blog on how to complete the Micro Verify process for your card.  How to Verify Micro Process

Here is the How to Add a Card and Make a Deposit video! Enjoy! 🙂