How to Use Customer Support Site

While we are always working hard to make sure using SolidTrust Pay is as easy as possible, sometimes customers need help with their accounts or transactions and require assistance from our customer support staff. Today we’re going to show you how to create a support account, and how to get us started working on your issue via our Live Chat or via support ticket.

Where to Find Us

While SolidTrust Pay is available through social media on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and right here on our blog – any issues with your account or transactions should go directly to our support site: You can access support either by visiting that site directly or on the main SolidTrust Pay site in the ‘Contact Us’ area.

Once on the support site page you can see the status of LiveChat in the bottom right hand corner. If our LiveChat staff are available that area will show ‘online’. Tickets can be submitted to our support staff day or night, seven days a week.

ticket home page.png

Creating a Support Site Account

If you already have a support site account, you can login from the main page using your email address and password. If you do not, then you will need to create a new account. Remember – this account is different from your SolidTrust Pay account. When logging in, do not enter your STPay username and password. Instead you will use the email address and password you created when you set up your STPay support account.

So, first we will go through the process on how to create an account on the support site and then submit and reply to your tickets.

support login page

Register page

register ticket page

To Register for an account enter your email address and your name.  Name should be First name and Last/Surname.

Once you click Register you will see this next page stating:

“Registration successful. Please check your email and follow link in the registration email to set up your password and activate account.”

successful register page.png

So NEXT you will go to your email account.  (I’m using gmail but whatever email provider you have should look similar)

Find the email from LiveAgent (check your inbox, spam/junk folders, etc) and open the email to see a link to click to setup your password and login.

ticket email and password set up.png

When you click on the link you are then redirected to the support site Welcome page.  You will see your email address filled in already and then you need to set up your Password and click Login. Welcome set up pass.png

Now you will see the following page and on the right hand side the page will  display your name.  Under that you will see “My Tickets”, “Submit Ticket”, and “Logout”.  You can edit your support account & add a photo by clicking on your name. (*My name was entered as Test Ticket so I’d click there to go to edit account page).

ticket logged in.png

Submitting a Ticket

Let’s take a look at how to submit a ticket. To begin, head to the support site at and click the ‘login’ link in the top right to make sure you are logged in to the support site. From there you can click on ‘submit a ticket’ in the top right underneath the login link. We will ask you for some of your account information, and you can provide us with a description of your issue.

This page will now appear.

submit ticket.png

When you submit a ticket you will see this message regarding the requested time frame for waiting for a reply to your ticket,  24-48 hours. Note: Please allow this time frame to expire before submitting another ticket about the same issue. Duplicate tickets can delay our response times.

sumitted ticket wait.png

Now that your ticket has been sent to us our expert support staff will begin working on your issue. You are free to logout, or stay and browse the ‘My Tickets’ area to view your recently submitted tickets and any previous tickets you have submitted.

my ticket new answered.png

Resolving your Ticket

When your ticket is replied to by our staff the ticket status on the bottom will change to Answered or Resolved.  You will receive an email notification when your ticket has received a reply from staff.  **Login to support site to view reply.

Click on blue ticket title to see the full message. Answered ticket.png

When you click on the blue ticket title to view the full message a new page will open.

Click on blue ticket title to see the full message. Here you can review our response, and click “Reply” to respond back to message or, if issue is now resolved, click “Resolve”.

full ticket reply.png

The email you receive will provide you with a link to the support site where you can log in and view the message. Very important reminder: The email you receive is a NO REPLY email and if you reply to the email it will not be sent to us. This email is only to notify you that you received a reply – currently you cannot respond to tickets via your email inbox.

Here is what the email notification will look like.

Resolved email.png

If you click on the blue link in the email you will be taken to the support site and you will need to login to view the actual ticket.

Now, if you ever forget your Support Site password (remember, you don’t log in with your STPay username and password) you can click on the section of the login page that says “I Forgot” under Password.  You will be sent an email password reset by LiveAgent.

Thanks for joining us and learning how to create a Support Site account and how to create and respond to a ticket!

THANK YOU for using SolidTrust Pay!


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