Changes to User Agreement

We have made changes to our User Agreement. From time to time the User Agreement is updated and we wish to keep our users informed of these changes. This blog will outline a few of the changes that were made. All users are encouraged to read the full User Agreement and to be aware of ALL the changes that were made.

By continuing the use of your STPay account you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out in the User Agreement.  Please read this Agreement carefully, it is legally binding on you.

At the end of this Agreement, you will find a glossary of defined terms.  If you have any questions concerning this Agreement, please contact SolidTrust Pay through the contact information provided on the Site.

Some of the highlights from the User Agreement include some of the following but there are many more updates that you will read on the actual agreement (found here:


  1. Obligations of SolidTrust Pay

This section outlines the obligations of STPay and the services we provided]. This section covers details of the e-wallet service, prepaid debit cards, accounts on our service, use of credit cards, purchase and sale of STPay dollars, etc.

  1. Rights and Obligations of Members

This section outlines the rights and obligations of you, our members.  This section is very important for you to understand what information you must provide, laws that you must abide by, the payment of fees, prohibited use of your account, and upholding the good name of SoldTrust Pay among other rights and responsibilities of you using our service as a member.

  1. Provisions Applicable Only to Business.

This section covers the requirements for our business accounts. This section is not applicable to accounts that are personal STPay accounts.  This section outlines the compliance with laws, sale of product, maintenance and services for holders of our business accounts.

  1. Provisions Applicable Only to Personal Users

This section is for our users that have personal STPay accounts.  This section will outline the individual use of your STPay account, and applicable Representations and Warranties.

  1. Term and Termination

This section outlines how and when the terms become in effect on a user’s account and the reasons for termination and the procedure concerning said termination.

  1. Confidential Information

For  the  purposes  of  this  Agreement,  “Confidential Information”  means  all  proprietary,  secret  or  confidential  information  or  data relating  to  SolidTrust  Pay  and  any  of  its  Affiliates,  operations, employees, independent   sales   organizations,   agents,   products   or   services,   clients, customers  or potential  customers,  Members,  users  or  merchants.

  1. Limitation Of Liability

This section covers the no warranties policy, the limitations of liability, STPay offset rights and force majeure policy.

  1. General

This section outlines some very important sections on notices, changes to Agreements, dormant accounts, missing members, enforcement, governing law and this agreement as a whole.

  1. Interpretation

This section outlines the general definition of certain terms/words that are used throughout the Agreement and our site. This is a bit of a glossary of terms to define and explain the meaning of what is stated.


The continued use of your STPay account after this notification is the acknowledgement and agreement to of the changes made to our User Agreement.  Read the full agreement which is available on our website at all times using the link that was provided above.


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