New Withdraw Method: Transpay Wire

We’re excited to announce a brand new wire withdraw method for you, one that’s cheaper than a traditional wire and faster than an ACH, Transpay Wire!

Click below for a step by step video walk-through of how to use this brand new feature or keep reading for a more detailed written explanation.

We’re working with our friends from Transpay to provide you with a wire withdrawal option that is cheaper and faster. You also do not need to be bank verified, as long as you’re Standard Verified you can use it!

Account Home Page

To use the new Transpay option, go to the withdrawal page using the ‘my money’ menu.

Accoutn Home page.png

My Bank

From there click on ‘My Bank’. First thing to do is select the currency that is going to be withdrawn from your STP balance.


As of right now Transpay withdrawals are available only in USD or Euro. Later that withdrawal can be converted to almost any currency at the receiving location.

Transaction Selections

Choose Transpay withdrawal, you’ll notice the currencies available are noted beside the option. You can also see that it has a lower fee than SWIFT Bank wire and a faster processing time than the ACH withdrawal.



Next enter the following details for your transaction:

  • Country
  • State/Province
  • City


Payment mode is where you’ll choose your bank deposit. Select what currency you want to receive the funds in then select your destination bank and fill out the details.


Enter the account number and your routing/transit number. These can be acquired from your bank and for many bank accounts can be found on your check.

Check Sample



Fill those in and select the ‘available provider’. The options available will depend on what country you are in and you will receive a notice about what the exchange rate will be.



Complete your transaction by entering your secondary password and you’re done!

We really hope you enjoy using our new withdraw method and that it makes your STP experience better!


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