Winning our Christmas contest and your chance to help those in need!

Hopefully by now, at least if you follow us on Facebook, you will be aware of our Christmas contest. In case you hadn’t heard, click here now to sign up! We’re giving away $500 to our members, and $500 to causes chosen by our members, and all you have to do is like/share our post on Facebook to enter. We’re really excited about this contest and we’re really happy with the reception it has gotten so far! We want to stress the importance of giving, not only around this time of year, but as often and as much as you can manage! Some of you may be familiar with our relief fund, which is where a lot of leftover funds end up when people close their accounts etc., and which you can donate to at any time by simply contacting us!

With that in mind, we wanted to shine some light on the other side of our contest, and your chance to help someone in need! Please take a moment to read through the World Vision Gift Catalog and to think about which gifts you would give if you could. If you win a cash prize, you will be given the equivalent amount to donate to one of these causes, so choose wisely! And even if you don’t win, there are very moderately priced gifts to give that could help improve somebody’s life. Take a look at just a few of the options below and let us know in the comments which ones you feel are most important or valuable.