Raising Awareness for World Water Day

STP celebrating World Water Day

Today we are doing our best to spread some awareness about the scarcity of water around the world, and shed some light on some solutions that people are working on.


Al Jazeera Tweet WWD.png

With so many living in rural communities, mostly in India and Africa, just getting enough water to survive each day is an incredible struggle.

We get our water from lakes, rivers, aquifers and wetlands, treated and pumped right to our kitchen taps.

UN enviro Tweet world water day.png

How often do you imagine what life would be like if you had to factor in a daily 5 mile water walk?


Luckily there are solutions on the horizon, such as Bill Gates’ Janicki Omniprocessor:

And the increase of reverse-osmosis plants turning seawater to drinking water:

Keep Calm dont waste water.png

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