Reflecting, Regretting, and Never Forgetting


Remembrance Day is here, and on this day we reflect on the lives lost and the families divided due to the tragic events of war. As we take the time to remember the lives that have been lost, let us take the lessons we learn and devote the same level of care. The saying “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it” is a very accurate one. When we continually focus and vilify differences we have with other people we create a divide. This divide makes space for hatred and mistrust to form. We as people must focus more on the things we share in common, and encourage the wonderful ways we experience things differently.

One thing we all have in common is the experience of loss. We all have lost someone or something special to us. Our CEO has personally lost over 500 members of her family, counting extended family and family by marriage. Her own father and mother had barely survived the Holocaust. Many families have been torn apart by the wars that have occurred in the past.

Another thing that we as people have in common is that we all are a part of a family. A family these days is different for each person, but the feelings around it should stay the same. If we come together and foster peace instead of encouraging fighting and war we would be able to make the world and the lives of everyone better.

We must look back on all the atrocities war has brought on to our nations and consider how this emphasis on difference has lead to death, injury and misfortune for everyone involved. We must educate our younger generations not just in the general subjects, but in respect, peace, and love of mankind as a whole and only in this way we can prevent war from being inevitable. We must take a stand and say never again through our thoughts, actions, and words.

We must teach people to encourage and value difference instead of ridicule and fear it, and only then can the future not be a rehash of past wars, and the future becomes a more collaborative experience for all. With the right education, we can accomplish the impossible, prevent the inevitable, and build.