The Why and How of Traveling with Bitcoin



Lonely girl with suitcase at country road dreaming about travel.

The best way to travel into 2018 is to travel with the future of payments. Bitcoin is fast becoming a more recognized payment option within the world of travel and for good reason! There are great advantages to using Bitcoin while traveling, here are some of the reasons you should think about trying it yourself for your future trips.

Currency Exchange
Changing currency is not only a hassle but can also become very expensive, especially if you need to change to more than one different currency throughout your trip. When using credit cards or international debit cards, fees can add up quickly.

By using local Bitcoin ATMs, it is easy to get the local currency needed for your trip wherever you are!

Reduce Risk of Fraud and Theft
We all know that everytime you use your credit card, you are running the risk of your personal information getting into the hands of the wrong people. Being in new places could heighten this risk. By avoiding using credit and debit cards, you are keeping your information more secure.

If you avoid bringing your cards for just this reason, that would mean that you are depending on cash. By relying on cold hard cash, the risk of being pickpocketed and left with nothing at all is at an all-time high.

Since Bitcoin cannot be stolen and can only be sent or exchanged by you, it is the safest currency to travel with.

Easy Time Through Border Control
Hate going through border control and telling them exactly how much money you are bringing with you on your trip? Skip that step too! Just know in advance where the local Bitcoin ATMs are at your destination, the only cash you will need is for that magazine and sandwich for the plane!

No More Cancelled Cards
A small but simply annoying step you can skip as well is that call to your credit card provider to let them know where you are going. Even worse is when you forget and are left with a useless card while on your trip! Bitcoin never suspends your funds.


So you’re convinced now, right? The question now is, how do I do it?


Here are some websites you should know about to not only help you while on your trip but also help you start planning it now!


Researching the Area
As mentioned before, the number one thing to know is where you will be able to pay using Bitcoin or where ATMs are to get the local currency you need. and are here to help you with that. It is also suggested to check out local Facebook groups of Bitcoin users, that’s how you can get the inside scoop like that one taxi driver that will accept Bitcoin along with their personal number!

Booking Your Trip
There are now lots of options for booking your flight and hotel using Bitcoin. Use sites like,, and to book your flights around the world. For hotel and flight combos, try,, and Want less of the hotel feel and something a bit more cozy of a stay? Try, a vacation home and apartment rental service that has around 20% of their choices available to purchase through Bitcoin.


We here at SolidTrust Pay want to wish everyone a very happy New Year and hope that we can help you through any Bitcoin need that you have!