Exciting New Website Features!

Want more options from your payment processor? Then look no further!

SolidTrust Pay wants your experience with us to be a pleasant and rewarding one. As promised, here is a quick introduction to some shiny new features that are live and waiting for you on our new site!  


Accept Cards & Bitcoins

Tired of waiting when applying to accept payments? Shorten the wait time with our newest option, the Accept Cards & BTC application. No need to have an account with SolidTrust Pay – fill out a quick and easy form and you’re done! Our Merchant Department will reply to you within 1 business day!


New Locations for Features

Convenient and easy to find locations for our customer favourites, such as the redone API manual, easy to integrate shopping carts, as well as new logos and creatives!

Leader’s Club

Introducing the Leader’s Club! SolidTrust Pay wants to give you $3,000 unlimited times!*


Seems like a good time, right? Earn up to $3,000 for every new merchant or member that you introduce to us. Receive 25% of all transaction fees of up to $3,000 when your referrals reach our qualifying levels (bonuses are available)! This opportunity applies to anyone, anywhere, and to whoever wishes to generate their own income – talk about freedom! Your earnings will go directly into your SolidTrust Pay account, and the revenue share is generated instantly. Here is a table that shows a breakdown of earnings:

Personal Account Business Account
Income (25%) on $500 $125 $140.63

Remember how we mentioned bonuses? This is what a bonus could look like:

Bonuses 10 referrals = $100 50 referrals = $600
Number of Qualified Accounts 10 referrals = $30,000 50 referrals = $150,000

If you have a potential merchant/audience in mind but need a bit of a hand when trying to be persuasive:

– SolidTrust Pay has been in business for over 12 years.
– We are a stable company with a great reputation (just check out the testimonials).
– We have easy to access customer and merchant support. We take pride in being dedicated to our clients, so much that we offer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year.
– We offer some of the lowest processing fees in the e-commerce industry.

Interested? Ready to start earning? Unleash your inner entrepreneur – start earning today by applying here!

*Terms & Conditions apply. Please review the Leader’s Club Terms & Conditions here.