5 Reasons Why You Need to Use STPay’s International Bill Payment Service

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Sending money to your family back home can be a challenge. If your loved one doesn’t have a bank account, the process is often slow and inconvenient, and sending regular money transfers can take a toll on your financial bottom line. You, our valued members, asked for an easier way to look after your loved ones and we listened.

Last year, we launched Bill Pay Your Way, our exclusive cross-border bill payment solution. Available to all SolidTrust Pay members, Bill Pay Your Way provides you with access to more than 600 billing companies in 15 countries with no transaction fees. Payments are easily made from your secure online STPay e-wallet and are confirmed with the billing company within 48 hours. Simply input the billing account number and the balance owing will be automatically provided to you.

In addition to being able to pay major utility providers for electricity, water, gas, cable/satellite, landline, mobile and internet services, insurance providers, educational institutions, government departments and transportation companies can also be paid using Bill Pay Your Way.


5 Benefits of Using Bill Pay Your Way

1) In developing markets, over 80 percent of people pay their bills in person. This results in lost productivity and incremental costs as individuals attempt to pay their bills on time. Bill Pay Your Way eliminates this problem. You take care of all payments and can pay your loved one’s bills anytime and on any device you use.

2) Bill Pay Your Way is ideal for landlords who require a convenient way to ensure that their tenant’s utilities are paid on time. Not only does this avoid unnecessary service disruptions, but it also saves you money as you no longer require the services of property management companies to handle these payments.

3) Financial mismanagement is a perennial problem. Senders often have no idea how their money is being used and routinely face pressure to send even more resources. Bill Pay Your Way solves this problem and allows you to exercise full control over where your money is being spent.

4) At its heart, Bill Pay Your Way is an empowering financial management tool. You obtain visibility into major family expenses and can help direct your family’s expenditures. Better financial management has been proven to help families avoid falling back into the poverty trap.

5) We discovered that balance inquiry transactions often return past due responses which means that many families are struggling to stay current with their bill payments. Bill Pay Your Way eliminates this concern and provides you with peace of mind knowing that timely bill payments are made. This ensures that your loved ones are never without the vital services that they depend on.

To make your first cross-border bill payment today, log in to your secure SolidTrust Pay eWallet and go to My Money > Pay Your Bills and click on the Bill Icon at the bottom of the page.

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