Conveniently Withdraw Your STPay Funds with CashCardOne


You can easily withdraw funds from your SolidTrust Pay e-wallet with CashCardOne’s Debit Mastercard

We’ve partnered with CashCardOne, a global digital banking service provider, to offer you a quick and convenient way to withdraw funds from your secure SolidTrust Pay e-wallet. CashCardOne’s virtual everyday banking account can be created instantly with approval granted the very same day. The account features a free CashCardOne Debit Mastercard which is accepted anywhere you see the Mastercard logo displayed. In addition to a free debit Mastercard, you will benefit from low-cost global money transfers, flexible terms and mobile account access.

Regardless of your global location and past financial history, you can sign up for a CashCardOne account without a credit check. Your Debit Mastercard can support multiple currencies and provides you with immediate access to your available CashCardOne Everyday Banking Account balance. It’s the safest way to pay for goods and services on a daily basis or while travelling and is ideal for making purchases in any relevant currency. Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to make online payments or better manage your expenses, CashCardOne’s Debit Mastercard is the ideal way to access your SolidTrust Pay account funds.


More Withdrawal Methods

In addition to CashCardOne’s global Debit Mastercard, all of our members can withdraw funds from their SolidTrust Pay accounts by initiating a cryptocurrency withdrawal or using the services of a verified e-currency exchanger. 

You can now use funds from your SolidTrust Pay account to purchase 10 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum which can then be transferred to your personal cryptocurrency wallet. To make a withdrawal, your STPay account must be Standard Verified and you must enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). For more information, please read our updated Cryptocurrency Guide.

Alternatively, you may use the services of a verified eCurrency Exchanger to exchange your STPay funds. Our exchangers provide trustworthy and fast worldwide e-currency trading services at competitive rates. Currently, we have partnered with 8 verified e-currency exchangers, each selected for their outstanding customer satisfaction ratings and affordable rates.

At SolidTrust Pay, we are always looking for ways to improve your experience using our services. That’s why we have been diligently exploring new withdrawal options to give you easier access to your STPay funds. Keep reading our blog for company updates and new service launches.

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