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On August 6, 1991, the World Wide Web became publicly available. Captivated by the potential of this new global network, Book Stacks Unlimited, a small bookstore in Cleveland, Ohio, began promoting itself using dial-up bulletin boards. In 1994, the store launched a website that would grow to attract more than half a million visitors every month. At the time, Charles M. Stack, the company’s founder, did not see himself as an early e-commerce pioneer. Little did he know that within a year, e-commerce would be transformed with the launch of online giants Amazon and eBay.

From its humble beginnings in the early 1990s, e-commerce has become big business. By the year 2020, over 2 billion people worldwide are expected to be buying goods and services online. In many countries, e-commerce sales are growing by a staggering 15-20% per year, encouraging retailers of all sizes to embrace an online presence. But is online shopping merely a trend or will it continue to transform how we purchase goods and services?

The intrinsic advantages inherent in online shopping are extensive. For starters, its convenience is unparalleled. Online shopping is available to anyone with an internet connection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also provides consumers with a plethora of choices unseen in traditional retail establishments. You can easily purchase products from every country in the world and have them delivered to your front door in a matter of days. Online shopping also allows you to easily shop around for the best deals. Thanks to price comparison sites like BizRate and NexTag, finding the products you need for less takes only a few minutes. Additionally, retailers are increasingly using exclusive sales to entice new customers to make online purchases. This means that if you’re a savvy shopper, you can find deals everywhere you look.

Navigating Online Payment Solutions

From this brief overview, it’s evident that e-commerce is much more than a trend, it’s quickly transforming how we procure life’s necessities and will continue to do so as more and more consumers embrace the convenience and cost-saving opportunities it delivers. As a business owner, e-commerce cannot be overlooked. If you want to be competitive in the 21st century, you need an e-commerce site that provides your customers with an enjoyable and intuitive purchasing experience. You’ve already invested the time to create a beautiful website and purchase quality web hosting services, but have you taken the necessary time to reflect on your payment processing needs and how to easily integrate them with your preferred e-commerce software and shopping cart?

Finding your way through the maze of online payment processors and gateways can be a daunting undertaking. Should you choose the service provider with the lowest processing rates? Perhaps you should instead opt for the processor that supports the largest variety of payment options and currencies. You also mustn’t overlook security and settlement times. Nor must you ignore the processor’s ease of integrating with popular shopping carts. The list of factors to take into consideration is nearly endless. That’s why we at SolidTrust Pay have taken a different approach to help our customers grow and compete online – we work with you to create tailor-made solutions for your unique needs.

SolidTrust Pay’s Advantage

Like you, your business is truly one of a kind and we believe that your payment processor should understand this. We also know that conventional, out of the box solutions may not adequately address your needs and priorities. SolidTrust Pay’s team of integration specialists can create a customized merchant solution that’s perfect for you.

  • Our payment platform can seamlessly integrate with the software and checkout system you use to run your business.
  • We can create remote payment APIs that will quickly and easily handle all your payout needs.
  • You can customize your payment solution to include online payments, mobile processing and virtual terminals.
  • Custom modules can be created for convenient e-commerce shopping cart integration.
  • Most importantly, all of our custom services are PCI-compliant, ensuring that you and your customers are protected.

Since 2006, SolidTrust Pay has served millions of clients worldwide. We provide global e-wallet and personalized payment processing services to individuals and corporate clients. Whether your business requires simple payment solutions or advanced integration options, we provide services that can handle all your payment needs. In addition, as a global company that operates in more than 190 countries, we recognize our corporate responsibility in the world and donate significantly to recognized charities. Canadian owned and operated, we strive to exceed our member’s expectations by delivering uncompromising service at affordable rates.

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