How to Use Bitcoin with SolidTrust Pay

bitcoin5Today, bitcoin is the largest and most well-known digital currency. Since its creation in 2009, it has become the preferred payment method for millions of online consumers. You can now book flights, buy web domains, pay for computer products and purchase household goods using bitcoin. As the list of companies who accept cryptocurrencies continues to grow, we have ensured that your SolidTrust Pay e-wallet is fully compatible with bitcoin. This guide will explain how to easily buy bitcoin, exchange it to USD, withdraw it to your bank account and accept it as a merchant.

Buying Bitcoin with SolidTrust Pay

Before you buy bitcoin using SolidTrust Pay, you must first create a secure STPay account and set up an external cryptocurrency wallet. Popular cryptocurrency wallets include Coinbase, Mycelium and Electrum, but there are dozens of options to choose from. Always research your chosen wallet and make sure that it possesses excellent security features.

Once you’ve set up your STPay account and cryptocurrency wallet, buying bitcoin with SolidTrust Pay is fast, easy and most importantly, secure. We have been a leader in the online payment industry since 2006, and our corporate-grade anti-virus and firewall protection is continuously monitored by our network of international security personnel. To buy bitcoin with your SolidTrust Pay account, follow these easy steps:

Step 1) Create your SolidTrust Pay account by clicking HERE.

Step 2) Verify your account to the Standard Verified level. For more information about our 4 account verification levels, please click HERE.

Step 3) Set up two-factor authentication (2FA) using your smartphone or desktop/laptop. For detailed instructions, please click HERE.

Step 4) Create a cryptocurrency wallet and connect it to your SolidTrust Pay account. If you are using a desktop application, click HERE for detailed instructions. For smartphone instructions, please click HERE.

Step 5) Deposit the amount you wish to spend on bitcoin into your SolidTrust Pay account using a bank transfer, a credit card or a transfer from another STPay member.

Step 6) Log in to your SolidTrust Pay account and navigate to My Money > Withdraw Funds. Next, click on the Altcoins option.

Step 7) Select the amount of money you would like to withdraw to your bitcoin wallet. It may take up to 24 hours for your deposit to appear in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Steps 1 through 4 only need to be completed once. You will then be able to easily buy bitcoin by following Steps 5, 6 and 7. Once your account has been Standard Verified and connected to a cryptocurrency wallet, you may withdraw up to $2,500 per day from your SolidTrust Pay account (Bank Verified members may withdraw up to $5,000 every 24 hours).

Selling Bitcoin with SolidTrust Pay

Selling bitcoin is even easier with SolidTrust Pay than buying it! You only need to have your account Card Verified in order to make bitcoin deposits to your SolidTrust Pay e-wallet. All bitcoin deposits are automatically converted to U.S. dollars.

To sell bitcoin using your SolidTrust Pay e-wallet, make sure that your cryptocurrency wallet has been linked to your SolidTrust Pay account and that you have enabled Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Next, log in to your STPay account and go to My Money > Deposit Funds and select the Altcoins button.

For a complete overview of our daily transaction limits, please click HERE. Once deposited, you can spend or transfer your funds online. Please note that bank account withdrawals are currently only available to members residing in Canada.


Accepting Cryptocurrencies as an Online Merchant

As an online merchant, it can be difficult to predict important trends that will impact your business’ success. Fortunately, adding a cryptocurrency payment option to your SolidTrust Pay checkout is easy. Cryptocurrency payments are instantly converted to U.S. dollars and credited to your merchant account – no external wallet is required! Contact a Business Account representative today and take advantage of our free programming assistance.

Transferring Bitcoin from Your SolidTrust Pay eWallet to Your Bank Account

We’ve made it easy for our Canadian members to withdraw bitcoin to their preferred bank account. Once you have linked your cryptocurrency wallet to your SolidTrust Pay account and have made an initial bitcoin deposit, you can then proceed to connect your bank account to your STPay account. To do this, log in to your STPay e-wallet and navigate to Bank & Cards > New Bank Account. Most bank accounts can be instantly verified by following the on-screen instructions. After linking your bank account, you can easily withdraw funds from your SolidTrust Pay e-wallet by going to My Money > Withdraw Funds and inputting the amount you would like to withdraw. Your funds will be credited to your bank account within 5 business days.

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Nigeria Joins Our International Bill Payment Service, Bill Pay Your Way

Nigeria (1)

We’re excited to announce that you can now pay bills in Nigeria using your secure SolidTrust Pay e-wallet! Last year, we launched Bill Pay Your Way, our exclusive cross-border bill payment solution. Available to all SolidTrust Pay members, Bill Pay Your Way provides you with access to more than 600 billing companies in 18 countries with no transaction fees.

Payments are easily made from your secure STPay e-wallet and are confirmed with the billing company within 48 hours. Simply input the billing account number and the balance owing will be automatically provided to you.

To make your first cross-border bill payment, log in to your secure SolidTrust Pay eWallet and go to My Money > Pay Your Bills and click on the Bill Icon at the bottom of the page. Show your loved ones how much you care, try Bill Pay Your Way today!

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8 Productivity Tools That Will Transform Your Life

Productivity Tools

If you had an extra hour in your day what would you do with it? What about two or three more hours, how would this time change your life for the better? Celebrated novelist Franz Kafka once described productivity as being able to do things that you were never able to do before. It’s true that embracing a lifelong learning mindset will profoundly impact your professional productivity, after all, many of our job-related tasks benefit from knowledge and skills that have taken years to learn. Unfortunately, with 84% of our time being spent on the daily grind – the difficult, routine and often monotonous tasks of everyday life – developing new routines and habits sounds like the last thing we should be trying to squeeze into our already crowded schedules.

Like many of us, I too used to believe this. Then I discovered the world of digital productivity tools and services. Mastering effective time management is a skill that can have a profound effect on how you tackle your daily duties. Good time management allows you to accomplish more in less time which will enable you to devote more time to what is important in your life: your family, your health, your personal growth, your career, the list is truly endless. Fortunately, there exists a plethora of tools to help you complete tasks more efficiently and in less time. Below you will find a list of 8 productivity tools and services that will transform you into a productive champion.

1) Evernote


Evernote is a note-taking app that allows you to capture and prioritize ideas, projects and to-do lists. You can easily store and retrieve text documents, photos, videos, audio files and even web pages on Evernote’s cloud-based platform. With powerful tools to help you organize and keep track of your content, the app’s functions are not solely limited to personal endeavours. Evernote allows you to easily manage projects, take meeting notes, set reminders and edit documents on any device you use.



If your inbox is anything like mine, it’s overflowing with subscription emails. On average, we spend over two hours a day reading and responding to emails. How much time could you save if your most important emails were front and centre? is a free service that will instantly provide you with a list of all your subscription emails. You can unsubscribe from what you don’t want with one click or choose to combine your favourite subscriptions into one email.

3) IFTTT – If This, Then Than


With over 11 million users, IFTTT allows you to connect your apps, devices and online services together to automate tasks. For example, if you make a call on your Android phone, a log of that call is added to a Google spreadsheet or if you post a new video to Instagram, the video will also be shared on your Twitter account. With connectivity solutions for business and personal needs, IFTTT’s seemingly endless ways of connecting apps and devices together are perfect for automating those manual tasks that are tedious to complete.

4) Click2Pay

SolidTrust Pay Logo

Sharing a bill, splitting a cheque or transferring money to friends and family members no longer has to be a time-consuming affair. With SolidTrust Pay’s free Click2Pay service, a few clicks of your mouse and your recipient’s email address, you can send free professional invoices and payment reminders to anyone, anywhere in the world. Your recipient will receive a secure payment link and can pay you with a credit or debit card, a SolidTrust Pay transfer or their preferred cryptocurrency, even without a SolidTrust Pay account. Click2Pay is perfect for artisans and tradespeople, as well as professionals who require occasional payments.

5) Mint


Mint is a personal finance management application that syncs your bank accounts, credit cards and e-wallet accounts together to help you track your monthly spending and saving habits. Mint will track your bills, provide you with free credit score reports and help you create personalized budgets based on your unique spending habits. Mint is like having a personal financial advisor in your back pocket and the app provides personalized tips and advice for maximizing your money.

6) KeyPass


Remembering all your personal login passwords and usernames has become an impossible task. Every time you forget a password and need to reset it, you are wasting valuable time. KeePass is a free open source password manager that helps you securely manage your passwords. All of your passwords are stored in one database, which is protected with a single master key. Once you log in to KeyPass, you will have access to all your passwords and usernames organized by account.

7) Bill Pay, Your Way

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Sending money to your family back home can be a challenge. If your loved one doesn’t have a bank account, the process is often slow and inconvenient, and sending regular money transfers can take a toll on your financial bottom line. Bill Pay, Your Way is SolidTrust Pay’s exclusive cross-border bill payment service. Available to all SolidTrust Pay members, Bill Pay, Your Way provides you with access to more than 600 billing companies in 18 countries with no transaction fees. Payments are easily made from your secure STPay e-wallet and are confirmed with the billing company within 48 hours.

8) Hemingway Editor


Writing remains a critical skill for success. Yet, many of us could benefit from a little help refining and enhancing our prose. Think of the Hemingway app as your personal electronic editor. The free app will highlight lengthy, complex sentences and common writing errors. It will also help you write in the active voice and suggest simpler alternatives to the often dense script that defines business and technical writing.

This list is a brief introduction to the world of high-ranking productivity tools and services. I hope it will inspire you to seek out new time-saving innovations. Which productivity and time management tools could you not live without? Share your favourites in the comments below.

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The Future of the Global Payments Industry is Digital: Are You Ready?

Payments Industry

The use of coins and banknotes as a physical medium of exchange has been fundamental to the growth of human culture. Coins were first introduced in the 6th century BCE, with paper currency being developed in Tang dynasty China during the 7th century. It would take another 900 years before the first non-cash payment method would emerge. In the early 1500s, Dutch cashiers agreed to pay their depositors’ debts out of money stored in private accounts using the depositor’s written order. It is from these orders that modern cheques trace their origin.

Today, cash is once again under threat. But the menace is not a new medium of exchange. Instead, it is from digital payment methods – credit and debit cards, electronic wallet applications and cryptocurrencies. In a recent study by Smithers Pira, non-cash payments are projected to reach 1.96 trillion transactions by 2029, with an annual growth rate of more than 10% year over year. From the first credit card being issued in 1950 by Frank McNamara to the launch of Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2009, the global payments industry is rapidly transforming, with new technology backed innovations being launched daily.

Despite the global economy’s continued reliance on cash, many industry experts believe that the move towards a cashless society is inevitable. South Korea aspires to be completely cash-free by 2020, a goal that is bolstered by the fact that a staggering 80% of the total amount of registered transactions made in the country are done so through electronic payment methods. European countries such as Denmark, Norway and Belgium are also on the frontline of this new financial development, but they still trail behind Sweden. Sweden is widely regarded as the most cashless nation in the world. “No Cash Accepted” signs are a common sight in shops and eateries, with less than 25% of Swedes paying cash at least once a week for their purchases.


Living in a Cashless Society

As with any radical social shift, the move away from physical mediums of exchange will benefit some more than others. For many, using cash allows them a greater degree of control over their spending habits and makes it easier to track daily purchases. A cashless culture also leaves behind vulnerable populations such as the elderly. While millennials prefer to use credit cards to make small purchases, baby boomers are not ready to embrace a cashless society, with more than 70% preferring to pay by cash.

Despite these drawbacks, numerous experiments conducted in different parts of the world have proven that a lessening of cash liquidity results in drops in unreported employment, human trafficking and various other illegal activities. Digital payment methods ensure that all transactions are verified and tracked, which helps root out suspicious activities. Equally important, small businesses could benefit from a cashless culture, as studies have demonstrated that an efficient, well designed cashless payment system can increase the number of hourly registered transactions by as much as 15%.

Instant Pay and Cryptocurrencies

As the use of cash declines in developed and developing nations, the global payment industry is increasingly looking towards new instant payment technology capable of providing users with real-time or near real-time processing capabilities. Currently, the instant payment infrastructure is sluggish. Bank transfers can take hours to complete while credit card transactions require several days to be posted to your account. In the future, we can expect transactions to be completed in mere nanoseconds. With processing no longer dependent on human verification schedules, robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence will ensure that transactions are continuously executed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Additionally, as a decentralized ledger shared and authenticated by partners, the increasing adoption of blockchain technology in the payment processing industry promises to facilitate fast, secure and low-cost international payment processing services. Eliminating the need for intermediaries such as correspondent banks and clearing houses, blockchain technology can accelerate international payment processing services and lower the cost of trade financing by streamlining record-keeping, thereby saving time and energy in the payment value chain.

Looking Towards the Future

At SolidTrust Pay we are actively investing in the future. That’s why our e-wallet it fully compatible with bitcoin. You can easily deposit bitcoin directly to your secure STPay e-wallet, where your deposit will be instantly converted to USD. Alternatively, you can withdraw funds to your personal cryptocurrency e-wallet using our easy to navigate dashboard. For more information, please click HERE.

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