SolidTrust Pay’s Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Guide


Bitcoin is now the world’s most well-known and valuable digital currency. Since its creation in 2009, it has become the preferred payment method for millions of online consumers. You can now book flights, buy web domains, pay for computer products and purchase household goods using bitcoin. As the list of companies who accept cryptocurrencies continues to grow, we have ensured that your SolidTrust Pay e-wallet is fully compatible with digital currencies. This guide will explain how to easily exchange your SolidTrust Pay funds into bitcoin and withdraw the balance into your personal cryptocurrency wallet.

Withdrawing Your SolidTrust Pay Funds 

Before withdrawing your SolidTrust Pay funds, you must first create a cryptocurrency wallet. Popular cryptocurrency wallets include Coinbase, Mycelium and Electrum, but there are dozens of options to choose from. Please ensure that you thoroughly research your chosen wallet and select one that possesses excellent security features.

Once you’ve set up your cryptocurrency wallet, exchanging your SolidTrust Pay funds to bitcoin is fast, easy, and most importantly, secure. We have been a leader in the online payment industry since 2006, and our corporate-grade anti-virus and firewall protection is continuously monitored by a network of global security personnel. To begin, follow these easy steps:

Step 1) Log in to your SolidTrust Pay account.

Step 2) Verify your account to the Standard Verified level. For more information about our 4 account verification levels, please click HERE. Your account reaches this level when an ID and address document has been submitted and approved by us.

Step 3) Set up two-factor authentication (2FA) using your smartphone or desktop computer and connect it to your STPay account. Click HERE for detailed instructions.

Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile or Microsoft Authenticator are ideal for smartphone users. If you do not have a smartphone, we recommend that you install the Authy desktop authentication app.

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Step 4) Create a cryptocurrency wallet and connect it to your SolidTrust Pay account. If you would like assistance selecting the ideal cryptocurrency wallet for your needs, please click HERE.

If you’re using a Desktop application, click HERE for detailed instructions.

For Smartphone instructions, please click HERE.

Step 5) In your SolidTrust Pay account, navigate to My Money > Withdraw Funds. Next, click on the Altcoins option. Enter the amount of money you would like to withdraw to your cryptocurrency wallet and select the bitcoin withdrawal method. You will be charged a fixed fee of $1.75 plus a percentage fee of 2.95%.

Please be advised that it may take up to 24 hours for your deposit to appear in your cryptocurrency wallet. You may withdraw up to $2,500 per day from your SolidTrust Pay account.*

* Bank Verified members may withdraw up to $5,000 every 24 hours.





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Customer Support

You shouldn’t have to wait to get answers to your important questions. That’s why we provide LiveChat Assistance to all SolidTrust Pay members. You can now instantly chat one-on-one with a member of our dedicated support team during a time that’s convenient for you.

Visit our Support Centre and click the LiveChat button to begin. You will be instantly connected to a representative in real-time. For assistance outside business hours, please fill out a support ticket and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

At SolidTrust Pay, we believe that friendly customer support should never be more than a click or phone call away. At our core, we possess a commitment to provide excellent service. When you contact us, you will always be treated with respect, listened to and attended to. When you need us, we’re here!

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Look After Your Loved Ones in India with Bill Pay, Your Way


You Can Now Pay Over 150 Billing Companies

in India with No Transaction Fees

Paying bills in India has never been easier! Today, we’re excited to announce that you can pay even more billers in India using your SolidTrust Pay e-wallet. The new billers cover a wide range of services including electricity, natural gas, water, satellite TV, DTH, mobile phone and broadband.

Last year, we launched Bill Pay Your Way, our exclusive cross-border bill payment solution. Available to all SolidTrust Pay members, Bill Pay Your Way provides you with access to more than 800 billing companies in 18 countries with no transaction fees.

Payments are easily made from your secure SolidTrust Pay e-wallet and are confirmed with the billing company within 48 hours. Simply input the billing account number and the balance owing will be automatically provided to you.

To make your first cross-border bill payment, log in to your secure SolidTrust Pay eWallet and go to My Money > Pay Your Bills and click on the Bill Icon at the bottom of the page. Show your loved ones how much you care, try Bill Pay Your Way today!

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Get Paid Faster with SolidTrust Pay’s Free Invoicing Solution


Whether you’re a freelancer working in the gig economy or are scaling your small business to new heights, how you collect payments says a lot about your company. The more complex this process becomes, the more effort you must devote to managing your payment system. As order management, on-time billing and reporting become essential to the success of your company, cumbersome financial platforms can negatively impact the amount of time spent running your business, a trade-off that takes you away from doing what you do best – solving your customer’s problems.

According to data from SAP Concur, 73 percent of small businesses rely daily on manual processes to send and collect payments. Relying on paper records may have worked in the past, but the outdated process can make it difficult to track outstanding payments. Customers can readily fall through the cracks, preventing you from collecting your full dues. Fortunately, thanks to technology, integrated payment platforms can simplify much of the billing and invoicing process saving you time and reducing human error. Sifting through piles of invoices and receipts becomes a thing of the past, as all your payment information is neatly displayed online whenever you need it.

The 3 Keys to Simple Invoicing

1) Simplify the Payment Process

The first rule of effective invoice management is to streamline the entire payment process. Avoid the temptation to use invoices to market to your clients and instead embrace a simple design that clearly articulates what services or products were rendered and what is now due. This logic also extends to the payment process itself. When delivering digital invoices to your customers, ensure that they can pay using a credit or debit card and minimize the number of pages that they must navigate through to finalize their payment. This will prevent errors and helps guarantee faster payment.

2) Automate Payment Reminders

We’ve all been there, a bill arrives and we set it aside to be paid at a later date only to discover three weeks later that we have yet to actually pay it. Payment reminders are a quick and easy way to save time and resources when dealing with late accounts. Online invoicing solutions allow you to resubmit an invoice to a client as a reminder that payment is due. When looking for an invoicing platform, make sure this service is included.

3) Streamline Tracking and Reporting

Your invoicing system must enable you to quickly track the status of your payments. Once identified and sorted, you may then choose to close and properly file the invoice, extend the invoice’s payment terms or send a payment reminder to your customer. Proper invoice analysis also helps in forecasting the demand for goods and services, while helping you maintain appropriate inventory levels. A simple and easy to navigate dashboard with export functionality is essential to streamline your tracking needs.

Woman reading payment bill

Send Professional Invoices for Free with Click2Pay

Our convenient Click2Pay service lets you send digital payment requests to anyone, anywhere in the world. Simply input their email address and the amount, and our free invoice system will notify them immediately. When we created Click2Pay, we streamlined the invoicing process. Your customer can pay you with their credit or debit card and they are not required to create a SolidTrust Pay account.

Your client’s payment is instantly credited to your secure STPay e-wallet and our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to easily track all your payment requests. Your invoices can be sent on a date and time of your choosing and our integrated payment reminder allows you to easily remind your clients about outstanding payments that may be overdue.

Let us take care of your invoicing needs so that you can take care of what really matters – growing your business. To start sending free invoices, log in to your secure STPay eWallet and go to My Money > Invoices/Click2Pay.

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