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This page was created to provide answers to common member questions. Here, you will find links to posts that have been created specifically to help you do more with your SolidTrust Pay Personal and Merchant account.

As this is not a comprehensive list of answers, we encourage you to have a look around our redesigned HELP CENTRE. There you will find detailed information on how to get the most from your SolidTrust Pay account.

For urgent account issues or if you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact our Customer Support Department and one of our representatives will promptly help you.



How to Sign Up for a SolidTrust Pay Account

How to Add Credit & Debit Cards to Your Account

How to Make a Deposit with Your Credit or Debit Card

How to Verify Your SolidTrust Pay Account

How to Contact Our Customer Support Department and Create a Support Account

How to Use Bitcoin with SolidTrust Pay

How to Set Up and Use a Password Manager

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