“How To…”

Here on this page we will link various blog posts that we have created specifically on “How To” do certain types of transactions, actions, setups, etc so they are easily found in one spot for you.

We are also going to try to continue to create “How To” videos, along with the written posts, so you can watch and see how to do things within your STPay account.  As always, we continue to try to make sure using SolidTrust Pay is as easy as possible.


How to Use Bitcoin with SolidTrust Pay 

How to Set Up and Use a Password Manager

How to use TransPay Wire Withdrawals 

How to Sign Up for a SolidTrust Pay Account

How to Use Our Customer Support Site and Create a Support Account

How to Add Credit & Debit Cards to Your Account

How to Make a First Time Deposit with Your Credit/Debit Card

How to Set Up 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) with a Desktop App

How to Effectively Verify Your Account: What Documents Are Required

How to Become a Merchant Who is Verified to Use STPay