Verified Exchangers, Merchants and Bitcoin with SolidTrust Pay

When you’re spending, transferring or exchanging your money with a company online, what you really need is trust. At SolidTrust Pay, we’re dedicated to not only building that trust with our members and daily users, but to extending it to our verified exchangers, as well as the merchants who use our services. Whether you’re buying or selling online, exchanging currencies and Bitcoin, or simply trying to send money to a friend or family member — the safety and security of each online transaction is essential.

SolidTrust Pay inspects and verifies the legitimacy of each exchanger, merchant, and member we choose to work with. We don’t see this as simply following the rules set for online payment processors, but also as an opportunity to get to know our users and to build a strong and reliable network for them. Our network of trust allows us to operate more smoothly and efficiently, as well as minimize fraud and credit card chargebacks.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of our verified exchangers, which is kept up-to-date for your convenience and security. Likewise, any merchant who offers SolidTrust Pay as a payment option has been verified by us, and is regularly checked for legitimacy. Even our ordinary members are required to pass certain levels of identification verification before being allowed to make most transaction types. This all contributes to the level of assurance and reliability you can expect from us.

Some other benefits of becoming a member of our network include:

  • The easy facilitation of Bitcoin transfers and exchanges, allowing you to get your Bitcoin from your wallet, to your SolidTrust Pay account, to your bank account!
  • The ability for merchants to receive direct bank deposits, even from users who are not signed up for a SolidTrust Pay account!
  • And now even faster and more cost-efficient wire withdrawal options are available through Transpay, assuring you get your money where you need it, when you need it!
  • An innovative way for users to instantly verify their credit card and begin making transactions via our micro-verification process — without losing peace of mind.

If you’re interested in joining the network and becoming one of our verified exchangers or merchants, or simply using our services for your online shopping and ecommerce needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for you!

For general support, you may contact us via our online ticket/live chat system, which is located at

Merchants can contact us for support via email through [email protected]

New Credit/ Debit Card Verification Process!

SolidTrust Pay is happy to announce a new card verification process!

Your card can be quickly and easily verified without the need to upload a scan of your card or statement. Once you have completed the process which takes no time at all, your transaction will be deposited into your account immediately. You also only need to do this once per card, after that every deposit that you make going forward will be confirmed instantly. This makes getting money to your account easier so you can use it right away.

For less than a dollar you can be guaranteed the safety and security of depositing with your card into SolidTrust Pay.

For members who currently have a verified card, they will still be required to go through this process for the first transaction on each of their cards as an additional level of security. Again you only need to do this once and this should not affect the usual processing time that you have come to expect.

For the verification of  your card there will be a small additional charge that appears on your card, this little extra charge will be what helps us verify your card.

Below you will see the step by step instructions to provide help with making this process of verifying your card clear.

You will go to your STPay account as usual for making a card Deposit.

Go to the heading My Money then select Deposit Funds Into Account

Card screen Card deposit

You will enter all the information required to make the deposit and confirm the transaction

confirm page2

Please read all the information on the screen!

pending page

Then you will need to check for the Micro charge that now appears on your card.  You might have to call Visa/MasterCard or check your online card account to see the charge.  For example on my card balance statement I saw charge of $50.32, therefore, the Micro charge is 32 cents.  I enter this amount in the required field. 

If your cards has a different currency type from the currency you made for the deposit request (example USD deposit but card is in INR currency) please contact our Customer Support Staff for further assistance.

micro payment page

Now, my card is Verified and my funds are in my account!! Hurray!

approved funds on account

My next deposit using this same card will appear on my account Instantly!  No more wait time at the cost of a few extra cents!

Here is a helpful video on how to Deposit using this Micro Verify process!